Inspired by the beauty and the natural qualities of terracotta for over 150 years, TERREAL has continued forging ahead, meeting the market challenges to become a key building materials player.

Now with a turnover of 400 million euros and over 2,700 employees worldwide, TERREAL is a leading player in innovative building envelope solution design. With its global building envelope solutions, TERREAL works in 4 main areas of activity - roofing, facade, structure, and decoration - on 23 industrial sites located not only in France but also internationally.

Central to its corporate mission, TERREAL contributes to improving housing by providing its business customers and end users with not only economic benefits but also benefits in terms of implementing our solutions, while also enhancing both beauty and comfort. Our company supports its customers – project owners, advisors, contractors, distributors, and installers – in designing beautiful projects that are more accessible and functional, and respect human health and the environment.

By revealing the beauty of terracotta in every structure, the women and men at TERREAL reveal the commitment and creativity they put into serving our partners and their imagination.

4 major areas of expertise

In order to provide a complete response to building envelope needs, our offer is structured around four markets: roofing, facades, structure, and decoration.

The construction sector is rapidly changing and has a major ambition - to develop local areas and promote more responsible housing.
Central to these economic, environmental, and social issues, the construction industry must act sustainably for the collective good and wellbeing.

At Terreal, we aim to contribute to improving housing by providing our business customers and end users with benefits in terms of both savings and ease of use at the same time as enhancing aesthetics and comfort.

We help our customers create beautiful, more accessible and functional projects that respect not only human health but also the environment.

Revealing all the beauty of the earth in each construction, we keep our commitment and creativity alive in the service of our partners and their imagination.

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