Your creative partner, from concept to project

From high-tech ready-to-wear to the most innovative bespoke designs, Terreal covers architectural projects from start to finish. Tiles, shingles, bricks, sunshades, sills and mouldings… The range of products can adapt to every taste and style. What ties this collection together, where traditional know-how and industrial expertise are combined? The attention to detail and care shown to every client's request, every product developed, every single product that comes out of our kilns.
And much more. Terreal is an attentive advisor and above all a resourceful ally that supports its clients from start to finish, with the same enthusiasm for aesthetic design and technical solutions. So that every architect's dream can come true.

  • Bespoke product
  • Unparalleled durability of terracotta
  • Offers complete freedom for the imagination
  • Possibility to play with volume, shape, dimension
  • Lends buildings character and unique charm through customised skin
  • Offers an infinite palette of colours thanks to the glazed possibilities
  • Possibilities depend on the shape of the product and the size of the project.