The traditional beauty ow a terracotta wall brick

Thermoreal®-Gebrik® Classic is a 1m², 60mm thick panel made of clay bricks elements bonded to insulating polyurethane foam. It is fixed to the concrete, masonry or wood frame house by mechanical fasteners and may be completed with additional insulation - up to 120mm thick – to reach a maximum thermal resistance of 6.79kW/m²..With its wide range of colours, in smooth or sanded finish, it allows give the aesthetics of an authentic wall brick and taking the advantage of an efficient and economical system of external thermal insulation.


  • High thermal performance
  • High impact resistance
  • Can be installed on tall buildings
  • Mix and match of different colours and finishes on a same panel on demand
  • Horizontal, vertical installation, on flat or curved walls
  • Durable and maintenance-free system


  • Project

    Résidence Evolution

  • Location


  • Architect

    Atelier de la Passerelle

  • Master of work


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  • Produit

    Thermoreal®-Gebrik® Classic

Résidence Evolution