Versatile large length terracotta rainscreen cladding

Piterak® Slim clay tiles is a large size terracotta rainscreen cladding system with overlapping horizontal joints. It is installed with clips fixed on vertical profiles. Used with the V-Clip® system from LABEL Façade, it is officially approved for vertical installation. Piterak® Slim is tough, rated Q4 for impact resistance, and can be used at ground level even in public spaces.


  • Many customization possibilities
  • Choice of installation: horizontal, vertical
  • Simple and fast installation using clips
  • High impact performance: for installation at ground level


  • Project

    CRC Residential Koweit City

  • Location

    Koweit city

  • Architect

    Keo International Consultants

  • Master of work

  • Installer

  • Produit

    Piterak® Slim

CRC Residential Koweit City