Ovoide terracotta baguettes

Small sunscreen, the Harmattan terracotta an economical ovoide baguette. It allows original architecture like pixel effects. It can be use to implement sun protection projects, screening or wall cladding in a playful format, which offers a wide range of architectural choices at affordable prices.

  • Cost-effective solution 
  • A small format for pixelated effects
  • Effective sun protection
  • Wide choice of warm, bright colours 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Available in factory pre-assembled version

Dimensions and finishes


Laying systems

Working area

  • TERREAL sunscreen system is easily assembled on
  • site and quickly installed on an aluminium framework.
  • Available in four standard sizes, the installation kit can
  • be adapted to all desired lengths by simply cutting the
  • aluminium tube, and can reach up to 180cm. Its modular
  • design allows varying the center spacing between
  • sunscreen rows as well as their orientation. It can be
  • installed either vertically or horizontally and offers total
  • architectural freedom.
  • Harmattan system is a cantilever fixing system installed in front of the profiles.



Stainless steel self-drilling fastening screw


Stainless steel capscrew


27 x 27 mm aluminium tube


Stabilising devices (stainless steel spring)


Common vertical profile cover

BSLP11 (brut) / BSPL10 (anodisé)

Common vertical profile


Stainless steel angle bracket for 90° angle


Zonda XL 10 and Harmattan EPDM interface

BSLA07 (brut) / BSAL08 (anodisé)

Zonda XL 10 and Harmattan fixing plate