Slim aesthetic of an airplane wing

Shamal® terracotta baguette is a sunscreen shaped like an airplane wing. It is available with an exclusive fastening system that includes a support profile. It provides highly effective sunlight protection and thermal insulation for buildings.The inclination angle and spacing of elements are subject to the architectural choices. It is available in 2 standard dimensions : 14 or 20 cm.


  • Exist in 2 sizes : 14 or 20 cm
  • Available pre-assembled at the factory
  • Effective sunlight protection
  • The distinctive shape of an airplane wing
  • Wide range of swarm colours


  • Project

    Bureaux Marengo

  • Location


  • Architect

    Vigneu Zilio

  • Master of work

    HSBC - Le Grand Toulouse

  • Installer


  • Produit


Bureaux Marengo