Protective and seductive material from ages, clay renews itself with new shapes and colours to dress your creations.

Terreal has captured the timeless beauty of earth and renew it to offer a flexible, creative and modern material that while retaining its unique identity, meets the needs of an innovative architecture, elegant and original.


  • Timeless, unique

    Used for over 5000 years, terracotta is timeless, beyond fashions and trends.

  • Natural, ecological

    This ancient material of construction draws its elements in a 100% natural raw material, clay. As an inert material, it is therefore recyclable and allows a high quality of indoor air.

  • Durable, perenne

    Noble material, it requires no maintenance. With its maintenance free, it is cost effective on the long run.

  • Fireproof, resistant

    Impact, UV and frost resistant, terracotta is also fireproof and has major energy performance: reduction of thermal bridges, impact of the inertia of the frame, low thermal conductivity, summer comfort.

  • Versatile, aesthetic

    With a varied, rich and extensive product range, Terreal façade offers a tool for expression and an unlimited source of creativity to your imagination.

While many other materials can compete with it in each of these areas, there are very few who combine all these qualities at a time.